Addressing Intrapersonal Characteristics and Interpersonal Relationships of Children of Alcoholics


Child Mistreatment & Neglect 25 (2001) 1627–1640

Growing up with parental alcohol abuse: contact with

childhood misuse, neglect, and household dysfunctionа«ѕ

Shanta Ur. Dube*, a, Robert F. Andaa, Vincent J. Felittib, Janet M. Crofta, Valerie J. Edwardsa, Wayne L. Gilesa


National Center for Serious Disease Elimination and Overall health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4770 Buford Motorway, N. Electronic., MS K– 45, The atlanta area, GA 30341-3717, USA n

Department of Preventive Medicine, Southern California Por siempre Medical Group, San Diego, LOS ANGELES, USA Received 21 Drive 2001; received in modified form some June 2001; accepted 18 June 2001


Target: This study is a detailed examination of the association between parental abusive drinking (mother just, father just, or the two parents) and multiple forms of childhood maltreatment, neglect, and other household problems, known as unfavorable childhood experience (ACEs). Approach: A set of questions about Only ones best including child abuse, disregard, household problems, and contact with parental irresponsible drinking was accomplished by 8629 adult HMO members to retrospectively measure the relationship of growing program parental irresponsible drinking to 12 ACEs and multiple Only ones best (ACE score).

Results: In comparison to persons who have grew up with simply no parental abusive drinking, the altered odds proportion for each group of ACE was approximately a couple of to 13 times higher if both the mom, father, or perhaps both father and mother abused alcohol (p Ͻ 0. 05). For example , the possibilities of having a battered mother was increased 13-fold for men who have grew up with the two parents whom abused alcohol (OR, 12. 7; 95% CI: eight. 4 –19. 1). For nearly every ACE, those who grew up with both an alcohol-abusing parents had the greatest likelihood of Only ones best. The imply number of Only ones best for people with no parental alcohol abuse, daddy only, mom only, or both father and mother was 1 . 4, installment payments on your 6, 3. 2, and 3. almost 8, respectively (p Ͻ. 001). Conclusion: Although the retrospective revealing of these encounters cannot set up a causal connection with certainty, exposure to parental alcohol abuse is highly associated with going through

૾ The Adverse The child years Experiences Study was recognized under a cooperative agreement #TS– 44-10/11 through the Centers pertaining to Disease Control and Elimination through the Affiliation of Educators of Precautionary Medicine, which is currently financed by a give from the Garfield Memorial Fund. Mrs. Dube was supported by cooperative contract #TS– 44-10/11 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention throughout the Association of Teachers of Preventive Medication.

* Matching author.

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T. R. Dube et al. / Child Abuse & Neglect 25 (2001) 1627–1640

adverse years as a child experiences. Improved coordination of adult and pediatric health care along with related sociable and drug abuse services may lead to earlier recognition, treatment, and prevention of both adult alcohol abuse and adverse years as a child experiences, reducing the unfavorable sequelae of ACEs in adolescents and adults. В© 2001 Elsevier Science Ltd. All privileges reserved. Keywords: Child mistreatment; Child neglect; Domestic violence; Parental alcohol abuse


It really is generally well-known that friends and family environments are usually disrupted simply by parental abusive drinking. Children of alcoholics are in increased risk for various the child years stressors including abuse, neglect, witnessing household violence, or perhaps growing program other forms of household problems (Sher, Gershuny, Peterson, & Raskin, 1997; Sher, Walitzer, Wood, & Brent, 1991; Windle, Windle, Scheidt, & Miller, 95; US Division of Into the Human Services [HHS], 1997). It is estimated that 30% of child abuse instances involved alcohol parents, and 60% of domestic assault cases have occurred when the criminal was within the influence of alcohol (Collins & Messerschmidt, 1993; HHS, 1997). Handful of studies have considered...

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