Analysing Moral and Ethical Problems in California king V. Dudley and Stephens.

Analysing Ethical and moral Issues in the Queen versus. Dudley and Stephens.

Moral and ethical issues

In the case of the Queen versus. Dudley and Stephens, there have been several ethical and moral issues. Let me explain all of them in this section using information from Prof Michael Sandel's video, the cited case, and a book titled " Cannibalism and common legislation: a Victorian yachting tragedy” by Alfred Bryan William Simpson.

Initially, on the 23th of Come july 1st, Dudley initially suggested that ‘someone' needs to be sacrificed to save lots of the various other 3. That ‘someone' reported the Rich Parker and he was certainly not consulted. So why? Although Creeks rejected the theory and no activities were followedup, it noticeable the start of a great intention to kill.

Second, on the 24th of This summer, Dudley suggested to Stephens and Creeks that a lot should be ensemble on whom to be offer death just to save the rest, yet Brooks refused to permission, and it was not offer Parker, that there was zero drawing of lots. Why was the proven fact that casting of lots certainly not be recommended to Parker since We assumed he'd be among the lot casted if there was indeed a casting of lots.

Third, on the same working day, Dudley recommended again that it would be far better to kill Parker and save the others should there be no boat sighted the next morning. It absolutely was Parker's life who was at risk at that point however again he previously no idea that someone was planning to have his existence. Does this certainly not count since murder?

Fourth, Dudley, while using assent of Stephens, attended Parker, told him that his time has come, put a blade into his throat and killed him. The youngster was not unable to make any kind of resistance neither did he ever assent to his being murdered. This feels like a clear circumstance of currently taking someone's lifestyle for the survival of three other guys. Another moral issue was cannibalism, which I will go over later. The last issue was why Parker, and not the other 3, killed and fed about. Why was Parker selected? What if Dudley, Stephens or perhaps Brooks was killed and fed in instead? There were nothing declaring that Parker would have still died if he had provided on another individual. Recognising these kinds of moral and ethical issues will allow me to evaluate substitute actions better later. However , recognising these issues is not enough. Were there other factors that but let them to act in such ways? To answer the question above, 1st I need to find out who would be the stakeholders and their interests on 23 September, 1884, 2 days prior to the killing of Richard Parker.

Stakeholders and Interests

With this section, envision I am Captain Dudley. The date is 23rd of Come july 1st, 1884.

To illustrate a clearer photo on might be on the minds of my a few crewmen and i also; I shall identify and state what could have been their interest. Edward Stephens, thirty seven, an able-bodied seaman who has 23 years of sailing encounter and contains a wife and 5 kids, the most youthful only a year old as well as the only kid of a seaman back in Britain. Edmund Brooks, 38, an additional able-bodied seaman is the most experienced with 26 a lot of yachting and claimed as a " bachelor”. Richard Parker, 17, a great orphan, is an inexperience seaman. He lived together with his foster parents, has several brothers and a sibling, all working. Having consumed a considerable volume of seawater, this individual suffered from diarrhoea (which could dehydrate him still further) and place on a corner of the motorboat comatose. We, Thomas Dudley, well, am the captain of the just-sank British send Mignonette, features 3 young children aged 2, 3 and 4.

Besides the primary fascination of foodstuff, water that help, we got additional interests. The natural way, the desolation of going home to the families is situated the greatest upon Stephens and i also. Brooks, though without a wife, could most probably have his parents in the home. Parker, as an orphan and now extremely fragile, had simply no responsibility at all.

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