Beowulf: an Epic Leading man

Nate Gauvain

English Literature

Beowulf Essay


Beowulf: An Epic Hero

According to Abrams, the brave poem is definitely " an extended verse narrative on a critical subject, advised in an increased style, and centered on a heroic or perhaps quasi-divine figure on whose actions will depend on the fate of a tribe, a nation, or the human race. " Beowulf fits Abrams' description of the epic, showing all of the qualities listed through the book, hence defining Beowulf as a main character and making the book an epic through it's increased style, major of a leading man, and a quasi-divine hero which a tribe, land or people is dependent upon. Beowulf is a narrative which will describes the adventures of the main character Beowulf when he travels from his homeland of Geatland to Hrothgar, in order to eliminate the list Grendel and the mother with the beast. Beowulf then returns to Geatland, ascends to the throne a few fifty years later, and slays a dragon in his final take action. This tale spans more than three-thousand lines, and works with battles that could determine life or death for the characters. The threat of danger intended for Beowulf is actually very actual, and the critical tone can be kept for some of the tale. Even when there are feasts and celebrations praising Beowulf inside the great mead-hall of Heorot, the liaison always maintains a sense of drama: " She shifted then to her place. Males were consuming wine

Too rare banquet; how could they will know fate,

The grim shape of circumstances to come,

The threat pending over various thanes" (87)

Along with setting a dark tone for the storyplot, the liaison uses an elevated form of terminology to describe the poker site seizures. When bringing out the children of Halfdane, the language is visibly lofty:

" He was four times a father, this kind of fighter prince:

One by one they entered the world,

Heorogar, Hrothgar, the good Halga

And a daughter, I use heard, who was Onela's queen" (7)

Rather than just simply stating that Halfdane had 4 children, this info is prolonged into four lines, because...

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