White castle: a Whopping Approach En Route to Restoration

Burger King: A Whopping Strategy To Recovery

Siohong Tih

Towards the end of 2002, Burger King, the 2nd largest junk food hamburger chain in the world, was at financial trouble. Sales had been dropping as well as franchisees had been confronted with heavy debts. A single after one more, its dispenses including their largest self-employed franchisee, AmeriKing, filed intended for bankruptcy safeguard. Burger King US' sales in 2003 dropped to US$7. 9 billion from US$8. 3 billion dollars the previous yr. Burger King's introduction of salad and chicken baguette sandwiches in its menu like a response to combat obesity manufactured no significant impact on product sales. The CEO of Burger King, Brad Blum was after that assigned to find techniques to restore Cheese burger King's marketplace position and image. The real key concerns were the financial circumstances, the marketing plans associated with the menu, and the advertising of guidelines in management.


In 1954, Wayne McLamore and David Edgerton founded Burger King Corporation (BKC) in Arkansas. It started with a simple meal concept where people were dished up reasonably-priced broiled burgers. A drive-in service made the eating-out encounter highly practical. Burger King as well introduced dining rooms. In the past, it was the first, take out outlet that offered these kinds of luxury. Three years later, White castle introduced the " Whopper” burger in this instance was created entirely via published sources and was prepared as a basis intended for class discussion. It is far from in any way intended to illustrate both effective or perhaps ineffective managing of a managerial situation. The writer would like to say thanks to New Fong Yen, a UKM MBA student, for her assistance in preparing the case and Encik Ahmad Ikram Abdullah (a Fellow by Institute of Strategic and International Research Malaysia) intended for editing this situatio.


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the menu. Because the term implies, Whopper is a big-sized burger with sauce, cheese, lettuce, pickles and tomatoes specially ready for those using a huge urge for food. The introduction of Whopper was very successful and it soon became Cheese burger King's flagship product.


To speed up development, Burger King definitely pursued the franchise business model. However , there is a difference. Its franchisees both equally owned and managed their particular outlets separately. The two founding fathers of Burger King took all their initial obligations and still left their dispenses pretty much automatically. In addition , Burger King sold exclusive territorial privileges to traders and large business operators. These types of large business operators bought the comarcal rights, build as many retailers as they probably will wish and in many cases sold section of the territorial privileges to various other investors. The other investors in return, diversified the business enterprise offerings in their restaurants. It had been apparent that with this method, McLamore and Edgerton got either very little or

entirely no control of the franchisees' business operations. Nevertheless, the machine was demonstrating good results and business extended rapidly [2, 5, 6]. With this unique business method, Burger King was greatly dependent on their

franchisees. Actually franchisees showed more than twelve, 000 of Burger King's almost 14, 000 restaurants worldwide and contributed a substantial portion for the chain's efficiency. Burger King's franchisees owned the stores instead of Burger King [3]. Likewise, with this highly 3rd party structure, it really is almost impossible to keep consistent top quality and services standards [8].


White castle began with five restaurants in Florida. It was not long before the quantity increased with increased restaurants being opened nationwide. In 1967 however , Wayne

McLamore and David Edgerton decided to sell off the White castle Company to Pillsbury, a home baking food big. At that time White castle was quickly growing in to becoming the 3rd largest pret a manger chain in the usa. McDonald's business lead as the industry leader...

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