Ethical Dilemma

 Ethical Issue Essay

Ethical Problem

Ben Lennon


Drive 13, 2011

Meisel Randolph

Ethical Dilemmapage 1

A great ethical issue is any situation which usually guiding ethical principles cannot determine which in turn course of action is correct or wrong (Stanford Encyclopedia of Idea: Moral Dilemmas). Often in the work place our company is faced with dilemmas all the time. A large number of have the choice to complete the right thing or undertaking the wrong one particular. However , carrying out the right is a moral action to take, but some pick the alternate. When choosing both 1 must face the consequences involved. An example of ethical dilemma inside the work place is usually using kinds authority to services made available from the company. Working together with friends makes for hard ethical issues. On one hand it is your work to comply with work rules, on the other this is certainly your close friend and co-worker. The friend abuses the companionship to gain through the business. Doing work at a hotel the friend burglarizes rooms for private pleasures. Morally it is my personal obligation for the company to report these kinds of actions, but the one breaking the rules can be described as longtime friend and staff. If it was anybody more the decision can be easy, to report the problem to managing. Now the dilemma is to save face and my own, personal job as well as to become a section of the problem and cover for the friend. The best thing to do is to just record the problem or suggest to the friend to locate a way to share what your woman did and report himself. The external social challenges involved will be being these kinds of close friends it is hard to get the good friend in trouble or perhaps fired. The friend confided in myself as a friend, but the difficulty being I had been also a staff with the company and the friend would not appreciate my accountability to record the situation. This could also have an effect on our friendship amongst other friends. When ever something like this requires mixes business and companionship the various other friends usually take attributes. Some might understand the meaning responsibility to report the situation and others may think you have...

References: Stanford Encyclopedia of Viewpoint: Moral Problems

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