guva Composition

An assessment Guava (Psidium guajava)

Anthony C. Dweck FLS FRSC FRSH

Dweck Data


In the next of the series about Far Eastern herb we look in Guava or Psidium guajava In folk medicine, components of beginnings, bark, and leaves are used to treat gastroenteritis, vomiting, diarrhoea, dysentery, pains, ulcers, toothache, coughs, throat infection, inflamed gums, and many other conditions (Morton 1987). This plant looked like worthy of a detailed review.

Family members: Myrtaceae

Common names: Prevalent guava, discolored

guava, apple guava. Bayabas, kalimbahin,

tayabas, guayabas. Bisayan: Bayabas

(Tagalog); Bayabas, guayabas (llokano)

[Ticzon]. In addition, it has the common names

according to the Philippine dialects shown

right here: Bayabas, guayabas, tayabas, kalimbahin

(Tag. ); bayabas (Ilk., Bis., Ibn. ); bagabas (Ig. );

biabas (Sul. ); bayaya (Bik. ); gaiyabat, gaiyabit

(If. ); gayabas (Bon. ) [Hernandez]. Additionally ,

more neighborhood and language Phillipine titles are

offered as: Bagabas (Ig); bayabas (Ibn., Ilk.,

Tag., C. Bis. ), bayaua (Bik. ); bayabo (Ibn. );

getabas (Bon. ); guyabas (Ilk. ) [Quisumbing].

In Malay the local brands are: Jambu burung,

Jambu padang, Jambu berasu, Jambu bereksa,

Jambu buyawas, Jambu melukut, Jambu Portugal, Jambu batu, Jambu pelawas, Jambu biji, Jambu biyawas [Zakaria]. In Africa the names are: gwaabaa (Hausa); woba (Efik); ugwoba (Igbo); guafa (Yoruba) [Iwu]. In Indian dialects: Sans: Perala; Amratafalam; Amruta-phalam. Hind: Lal sufrium (red); Amrut. Ben: Lal peyara (red); Goachi-phal; Peyara; Pyara; Piyra. Grande: Perala. Tel: Jama; Jam-pandu; Goya-pandu. W tamtym miejscu: Koyapalam; Koyya; Goyya-pazham (Segapu). Mal: Palamper. Can: Perala-hannu. Jama-phala; Shebe-hannu. Kon: Paera. Sind: Zetton; jamphal. Mah: Peru; Jamba. Guj: Jamrukh. Assam: Madhuria. Nepal: Amuk. Arab & Pers: Amrud. Punj: Amrut. Burm: Malakabeng [Nadkarni and Nadkarni]. Ghana: gua, aduaba; oguawa, eguaba, gouwa, aduaba. India: mansala, amrud, peyara, perala, koyya, goyya, lal-jam, sufed-jam, tambara peru, pandhara peru, shivappu-goyya-pazham, vellai-goyya-pazham, tellajam-pandu, erra-jam-pandu, beli-shebi-hannu, kempu-dhibe-hannu, dhop-goachi-phal, lal-goachi-phal, lal-safri-am, sufed-safri-am [Ayensu]. Beng. - Piyara; Hind. -Am [Dey] Description: It is a low classic tree or perhaps shrub 6th to twenty-five feet substantial, with wide-spreading branches and square, dainty twigs, is actually a native of tropical America. It is a prevalent vegetation cover by highways and in waste materials places in Hawaii. Grape is a warm and semitropical plant. It is well known inside the islands because of its edible fruit. It is common inside the backyards. The branches happen to be crooked, bringing opposite leaves. The bouquets are

light, incurved petals, 2 or 3 inside the leaf axils, they are great smelling, with four to six petals and yellow anthers. The fruit is small , a few to 6 centimeter long, pear-shaped, reddish-yellow when ripe.

Substance composition

The fruit

The fruits also include vitamin C [Hernandez] supplement A, straightener, calcium and phosphorus [Iwu, Burkill]. Guavas will be up to 5 times richer in vitamin C than oranges [Conway]. Manganese is likewise present in the rose


along with phosphoric, oxalic and malic

acids [Nadkarni & Nadkarni]. It contains



saponin combined with oleanolic acid. Morin-3OH

O-О±-L-lyxopyranoside and morin-3-O-О±-LO


arabopyranoside and flavonoids, guaijavarin

(Fig. 1) and quercetin (Fig. 2) [Arima and Danno].






Fig. 2 . Guaijavarin

Fig. 1 ) Quercetin

The primary oil and headspace of fresh white-flesh

guava fruits. In the headspace, the major

matters were: hexanal (65. 9%), Оі-butyrolactone




(7. 6%), (E)-2-hexenal (7. 4%), (E, E)-2, 4-hexadienal

(2. 2%), (Z)-3-hexenal (2%), (Z)-2-hexenal (1%),


(Z)-3-hexenyl acetate (1. 3%) and phenol (1. 6%),



while ОІ-caryophyllene (24. 1%), nerolidol (17. 3%),

3-phenylpropyl acetate (5. 3%) and caryophyllene oxide (5. 1%) were the major unstable constituents within the hydrodistilled essential oil [Paniandy ou al]. The...

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