Examples of Ground breaking Products and Services

1 ) Objective

Recognize current problems and aspects of improvement for small business banking in Canada Recommend innovative banking products

3. Examples of Innovative Products and Services

Creativity Country Term Loans New Zealand Loans Products Variety Loans U. S. Remote control Deposit Get U. S. Customer Customer Feedback Program, New Zealand Encounter Online Bank Community Canada, U. T. Employee Advantage Programs U. S. Profit Programs Goal Banking U. S. Forex Order Observe Service Australia Factoring Canada Products Loans/Mortgages for Green Business Canada, UK, U. S., Portugal " Believe Card” UK Green Business Treasurers Reserve Account UK Green Organization Advisory Support Canada Category

2 . Research Methods and Scope

Official websites, specialist reports, industry surveys, authorities studies Home and international banks and credit assemblage (Canada, ALL OF US, Europe, Australia and Fresh Zealand)

5. SWOT Research

Strength • Advertisement capacities • Familiarity with innovations • Scales of network allowing piloting • Difficulty with business process changes • Difficulty rewarding small business requires • Encourage diversity financial loans • Promote green products

5. Gap Analysis

Difference analysis discloses potential alternatives for your bank to fulfill customer requirements Almost all of the potential solutions can be categorized as " Social Responsibility Products”

6th. Recommendations


Opportunity Menace

A comprehensive social responsibility software includes: Loans to support neighborhood economies Financial loans to support women, youth, zugezogener and handicapped entrepreneurs Banking products to encourage and finance jobs that play a role in environmental sustainability 7. Referrals & Acknowledgements A point system to demonstrate identification and admiration for business customers that share cultural values with the bank " Green Goods for Commercial Banking Customers”, Business Financial Board, • Competitors going for Catalogue Amount: BBB17TXCXH. Small enterprise...

References: & Acknowledgements A point system to show recognition and appreciation for small business buyers that reveal social beliefs of the traditional bank " Green Products to get Commercial Financial Customers”, Business Banking Panel, • Rivals going for Catalogue Number: BBB17TXCXH. Small Business Loans. [Online]. Canadian Bankers Association. A kick-off marketing strategy to promote the modern program and a [2010, Oct. 20] website focused on providing details for the program • Burning off customers to foreign All of us thank Prof. J. C. Paradi for providing all of us this valuable chance to work with a genuine client by using an industrial task and Doctor J. Farvolden for direction and advice Continuous cost/benefit analysis intended for products in the program and exchange corporations along the way. We thank your customer for providing this job and promoting us with relevant details. We thank everyone who put in hard work to make this kind of changes because needed to match the interpersonal responsibility idea project available for us and wish the very best for your long term endeavors.

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