Mary We of Britain and Spiritual Policies


Term: Catherine of Aragon (first wife of henry VIII)

DOB: 12-15 December 1485

DOD: six January 1536 (at Kimbolton Castle)

Nationality: Spanish

Status: widow of Arthur Tudor/married to Holly VIII (marriage was annulled in 1533)

Married: eleven June 1509

Religion: Catholic

Royal contacts: King Ferdinand (father), Full Isabella (mother), King Henry VIII (husband until 1533), Queen Martha Tudor (daughter)

Role: Mother to Jane Tudor, wife to Holly Tudor VIII

Motto: " humble and loyal”

Early on Life: Catherine was the little girl of Full Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of The country. She was created in Spain, but was sent to are in England by a young grow older as she w hitched to Aurthur Tudor (the older brother of Henry VII) who was designed to become full of Great britain ( being successful his father). At 16 she hitched Arthur, on the other hand he perished 6 months following your marriage. However , so as to keep the alliance anglo-espanic alliance she later married Henry VII, Arthur's young brother (when she was 23 and he was 17).

Responsibilities to Holly: Produce a guy heir Contribution to spiritual policies: Wished to stay catholic

Droped out of favour: since she didn't want to produce a men heir ( if she did that they died inside the womb or perhaps shortly after birth)

Ultimately: Henry divorced her. She was banished from the courtroom, and was moved around England, fortress to castle, separated coming from her daughter. She died aged 50.

Thomas Wolsey

Name: Thomas Wolsey

DOB: (unsure yet sometime in 1475)

DOD: up to 29 November 1530

Nationality: British

Married: 11 June 1509

Religion: Catholic

Role: Primary, statesman, Henry VIII's master chancellor and one of the previous churchmen to learn a major role in English personal life.

Tasks to Henry: lord chancellor, englands foreign policy, organizing the discipline of the cloth of platinum, henry wished him to ask the pope for an annulment to his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, as he wanted to remarry (but wolsey was unable to, which in turn led to his downfall)

Contribution to religious procedures: Was chaplain to the archbishop of Canterbury, efficient officer, archbishop of York and a Primary

Dropped out of favour: because he couldn't get the pope to agree to a great annulment of Henry VIII's marriage to Caterine of Aragon

In the end: Was arrested in November 1530 and accused of treason. He passed away on the 29th of Nov 1530, for Leicester in the journey to the south to face trial

Thomas Even more

Name: Thomas More

DOB: 7 Febuary 1478

Nationality: English

Hitched: Jane Colt & Alice Middleton

Religion: Roman Catholic

Role: Humanitarian, Lord chancellor to holly VIII, presenter of the house of commons, part of the privy council, had a knighthood, under-treasurer of the exchequer, secretary and personal advisor towards the king and chancellor in the Duchy of Lancaster Responsibilities to Henry: secretary and private advisor

Contribution to religious policies:

Fell away of favour:

In the long run:

Jones Cromwell

Brand: Thomas Cromwell

DOB: around 1485

Nationality: English (from Putney to the south east London)

Married: unidentified, but thought to be a clothworker


Role: He spent most of his early on adulthood in Europe like a soldier, documentalist and service provider, but delivered to England in about 1512 and studied rules. In 1520, he became legal admin for Primary Wolsey (who was in service to Henry VII)I. When Wolsey fell away of prefer with the california king, Cromwell made it and in 1523 he became a member of parliament.

Tasks to Holly: Chief Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Contribution to religious procedures: A main one who suggested Henry make himself the head of the Church of England

Fell out of prefer: Because In 154 this individual persuaded Holly VIII to agree to get married to Anne of Cleves (so as to gather the support of the north German princes against...

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