Personal Values, Rules and or Values Development

Paula Burch

April 18, 2011


Cyndie Shadow

Decisions in Paradise 2


Kava is a tiny island nation and the citizens of Kava have encountered difficult unfortunate occurances. Nik is among the key players with an organization that has decided to have a greater presence in Kava. Nik recently joined the tennis courts, and he can apprehensive about his fresh job. However, with Nik preoccupied personal life. This individual has a new love fascination and a dog that needs to be home trained, to name a few. Nik begins to realize that this individual misjudged the dilemma facing Kava wonderful new job. The scene quickly changed from ideas of haven to a very big catastrophe. When Nik meets the other crucial player, his supervisor Alex, he is again surprised since Alex is not as he imagined. Nik quickly bounces back from your curve projectiles that he has been thrown as Alex briefs him on details of Kava, their company's purpose, and his expected contributions. Nik realizes this first assignment will require that he be fully concentrated and practice many of the skills that this individual learned in college. Bob is the third key player. He is Nik's boss. Nik will need to identify the issues and apply a decision-making strategy to further determine the issues, analyze the steps engaged, and apply elements of important thinking.


Poivrier faces a lot of issues since it is an area often affected by catastrophe like tornadoes, petroleum spill, volcanoes, massive amounts, avian flu, and interior or exterior terrorism. The nation is various with nationalities, race, religious beliefs, and values. This is a positive for like merging nationalities, but it could be difficult once trying to find approaches to the country's issues. The diversity might conflict. Nik immediately thinks the task is actually hard mainly because so many...

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