Monthly Income Plan

Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company. Ltd.

Monthly Income Program

One Pager – Month-to-month Income Program

Plan Rewards:

1 . Certain Monthly Income which is Taxes Free#: You start receiving Assured Monthly Salary after the completion of the premium payment term, until maturity, provided the policy is force. This income is usually tax-free#. You have the flexibility to purchase Monthly Profits you wish to acquire, which chooses your superior amount. #

Subject to the prevailing procedures of section 10(10D) from the Income-tax Action, 1961 2 . Family Profits Support Gain: If something unfortunate would be to happen to you, your family associates will right away start receiving the Guaranteed Regular monthly Income for a period corresponding to Monthly Salary Period.

3. Potential Upside through Bonus deals: You receive Gross annual Reversionary Added bonus, if announced, on maturity or death. The added bonus declaration starts off from fourth policy season onwards. four. Limited spend options

Coverage Term

High quality Payment Term

Monthly Income Benefit


15 Years

7 Years

8 Years

more than 20 years

10 Years

12-15 Years

30 Years

15 Years

15 Years

5. Tax benefits pertaining to premiums paid and rewards received, are as per the existing Tax laws which are susceptible to changes.

Plan Features:


Minimum era at entrance

Maximum age at entry

Minimum Month to month Income

Minimal Premium

Insurance plan Term

Superior payment term

Premium Repayment Modes

Eligibility Criteria

zero years

65 years

um Rs 2150 for 15 year coverage term

u Rs multitude of for a 25 year coverage term

um Rs 700 for 35 year plan term

um Rs 23000 for 15 year insurance plan term,

u Rs 18000 for 25 year policy and

u Rs 7500 for 35 year coverage term

12-15, 25 and 30 years

several, 10 and 15 years for 12-15, 25 and 30 years policy term respectively Annual, Semi annual, Quarterly* & Monthly*

Sample Example:

Life Insured

Monthly Income

Annual High grade (exclusive of any service tax and cess)

*Vested non -- guaranteed benefits assuming 10% Gross

level of go back

Sameer, Age 30 Years

Rs 3, 500...

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