Societe Generale Scandal

Societe Generale can be described as French bank founded in 1864 by a group of suppliers and financiers. This lender was designed to encourage the growth of trade and industry in France. It is headquarters will be in Rome and Nanterre, France. Presently Societe Capo has three main sections that they focus on- these include: Retail financial and specialised financial services

Corporate and business and Expenditure Banking

Global Investment supervision and companies

Among these types of, their services also include specialised financing and insurance, non-public banking, property management and securities solutions. Societe Ordinario is one of the planet's most admirable companies to work for. SUBSEQUENT SLIDE

In relation to Societe Generales management, their very own current leader and CEO is Frederic Oudea, who have been together with the company as 1995. Oudea is helped by 3 Deputy Chief Executive Officers who help with daily duties, along with engage in a method of controls. Along with this you have the Board of Directors. The Board build three committees in 1995: the Taxation Committee, the Compensation Panel and the Candidate selection Committee to monitor the operations and decisions of management and the CEO. There is an professional committee and a general supervision committee. NEXT SLIDE

In March 2011, Societe Generale launched the new communications campaign, based upon a strong and engaging signature of " Building team spirit together". The promise of " Building team heart together” provides complete perception of the modern day relationship the fact that bank hopes to build using its customers a balanced long-term relationship where the lender works alongside its consumers to help them flourish in their assignments and to improvement with these people. Societe Generale's strategy should be to deliver development with manage risk. They also stick to diversified common banking unit which is a combination of commercial bank, investment financial, insurance and many more financial actions. Using this model and approach of environmentally friendly growth, this...

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