Top Ten Intetpeter in Bangladesh


Ten Effective Business Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

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Ten Good Business Business owners in Bangladesh

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Course Title: Business Connection

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Roni kumar Ghosh(GL)|

Badhon Sarker|

MARYLAND. Arshadul Haque|

MD. Mashiur Rahman|

MD. Sajjad Hossain|

Fatema Begum| 102-11-1556

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Mohammad Shibli Shahriar

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Submitter Date: 04-08-2012

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August, 04, 2012

Mohammad Shibli Shahriar

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Special Sir

With wonderful pleasure we all submit the Recruitment and Selection process report on " Ten successful business Business people in Bangladesh” that you have designated to us as a significant requirement of BUS-202course. We have found the study to become quite interesting, beneficial & informative. We have tried our level best to prepare an effective & creditable record.

The report includes a detailed examine on five successful organization Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. Here we have gathered information through different sources such as websites and real interviews. We all also want to thank you for your support and persistence for each of our and we appreciate the opportunity given by you through assigning our company is show presentation in this thoughtful topics. Yours sincerely,


Roni kumar Ghosh

Badhon Sarker

MARYLAND. Arshadul Haque

MD. Mashiur Rahman

MARYLAND. Sajjad Hossain

Fatema Begum




We could pleased to acquire these for you to give special thanks to the persons whose ideas, views & supports include provided fluency to prepare this report & enriched this kind of report.

We must express our gratitude to the honorable course instructor Mohammad Shibli Shahriar for giving all his valuable time and patience that he has spent for improving all facets of our task. His recommendations have empowered us to complete the report, which is extremely important intended for our study course. We believe this assignment can help us to raised visualize each of our learning that people received from our courses and develop our skill, understanding and understanding.

Executive Summery

Very few men have a deep and long lasting effect on the earth. Jahurul Islam is one of them everybody says about him. he's " The daddy of Bangladeshi Business”. He's founder from the Islam Group. He founded the Jahurul Islam Medical College and Hospital in 1989. He can ideal of businessman. Couple of men produce enough of your impact after a country and upon a time so as to come with an era given its name them. With no shadow of your doubt, Samson H. Chowdhury was such a man. Samson H. Chowdhury founded the Square Group and guided it towards the top of Bangladeshi conglomerates with more than thirty-three, 000 staff. If you need proof that some males are created for achievement, no clearer example is present than Salman F. Rahman. Salman N. Rahman is founder Beximco Group. Did you know who said these spies " are not able to think of going anytime soon as stopping working will mean late the curtain on his very long and known caree”. Anwar Hossain is said this agents. He is the chief of Anwar Group of Companies. Private sector insurance, even as we enjoy inside our lives, probably would not have been possible without the inspired leadership with the late MA Samad, creator of the 1st private sector insurance company, Bangladesh General Insurance provider Ltd. The storyplot of ACI dates back to 1992 each time a multinational pharmaceutical company ICI (Imperial Substance Industries) offered its...

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