Types of economic Institutions

 Types of economic Institutions Composition


Financial Institutions have many features, Identify different institutions in Egypt and elaborate right after among them Central Bank of Egypt

Leading Banks: National Bank of Egypt

Banque Misr

Commercial Foreign Bank (Egypt)

Lenders Association of Egypt

COMESA Bankers' Association

Egyptian Banks Company

Ministry of Industry and Foreign Operate

Ministry of Expense

Ministry of Fund

Egyptian International Trade Point

Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce

Basic Authority pertaining to Investment and Free Specific zones

The Egyptian Exchange

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

IFIs active in Egypt

1 • The World Lender Group (WBG), including the International Bank pertaining to Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the International Finance Company (IFC), plus the Multilateral Expense

Guarantee Agency (MIGA);

2• the Foreign Monetary Fund (IMF);

3• the European Expense Bank (EIB);

4• the African Bank to get Development (AfDB); and

5• the Islamic Advancement Bank (IDB).

The World Financial institution Group

Today, the earth Bank's professedmission is to fight poverty and promote monetary growth and development in the world. The World Traditional bank is actually made up of several organizations, which together constitute the " Community Bank Group” (WBG).

The Worldwide Monetary Fund

T he IMF's original mission was to keep an eye on and deal with a system of stable exchange rates and also to provide countries with initial financing to help these groups overcome momentary balance-of-payments loss (when spending on imports surpasses revenues via exports) and to support all their exchange level values. Today, the IMF focuses on monitoring countries' macroeconomic policies, offering both brief and medium-term lending to countries with budgetary troubles, and restructuring the financial systems of debt-ridden countries by imposing plan changes through structural modification programs and similar packages under diverse names. The European...

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