Why is it neccessary and helpful to analyze the context of before history

January 8, 2014

Week A single Assignment

Professor Gary Fuchs

Week One Project

There isn't a single person that can say they have not discovered from their mistakes or earlier experiences. Every time a child variations a warm stove and burns their hand, they will quickly master not to do that again and still have a memory of experience that will help them make better choices in the foreseeable future. This is probably how come it is said " we get better as we receive older”. A similar concept may be applied to learning history. By using others activities and analyzing the outcome, one could save themselves from making a mistake or perhaps causing embarrassment. The importance of studying and understanding history but also learning from it truly is pertinent to hopefully producing more up to date decision in the present and the long term. It has been explained many times that history is studied so that mistakes are generally not repeated from the past, even though this can be the case it is also too simple. In the event so much familiarity with the past has become collected and learned in the centuries, then things like warfare, poverty, injustice and immorality should not can be found. It is also as well simple to the past may predict the future, although it is a nice thought, history can simply help guide each of our future. Otherwise, a well-rounded understanding of background can find out all that may be the present. " History needs us to believe outside of our own experiences over time and place, and thus fosters understanding thinking, higher appreciation of diversity, and understanding of the relationship between circumstance and judgment” (The National History Middle, 2013). Understanding history above all offers a different, possibly better, perspective within the present circumstances and your ability to breakdown these scenarios and produce informed choices. History can be thought of as something set in stone and not changing; yet history, just like memories is actually forever changing. Although the date ranges and stats may not change, how they are interpreted...

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